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The Pedestrian(2020) - Steam/PS4, Composer, Sound Designer link

DECEIVER(cancelled) - Steam/, Composer, Sound Designer link

Universim(Early Access) - Steam, Sound Designer link

Botland(cancelled) - Web, Sound Designer link

Flutter Bombs(2017) - VR/Console/Mobile, Composer, Sound Designer

AYAblaze(cancelled) - Steam/PS4, Sound Designer 

Train Jam Games(2016) - Web, PC/Mac/Linux, Composer, Sound Designer

Evy(Cancelled) - Mac/PC, Composer

Noppera(Cancelled) - Web, Composer, Sound Designer

Uncredited on nearly a dozen white label HTML5 games - Web, Composer


A World Game for Peace - Short Documentary, Composer

A Grave Mistake - Short Animated Film, Composer

Daturas - Short Animated Film, Composer

Glass Bubble Project - Short Documentary, Composer

The Fort - Short Film, Sound Designer

Mischief Managed - Short Animated Film, Composer

Youth - Short Film, Composer

Hive - Short Film, Composer

Sabotage - Short Film, Composer

Bust - Short Film, Composer and Sound Designer

No Retreat - Feature Film, Composer

Replanting - Short Film, Sound Designer

#FernandoLove - Short Docu, Sound Designer, Music Supervisor

Basketball Saints - Feature Docu, Sound Mixer

Pretty Lies - Short Film, Composer

A Midwest Winter - Short Film, Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer

Mind Over Manners - Short Film, Composer

Crushed - Feature Film, 2nd Mixing Recordist

Grimace - Short Film, Sound Designer

Cleveland: A Million Stores - Music Editor

The Wind Is Watching - Feature Film, Additional Sound Editing

Momentary Life - Short Film, Composer, Sound Designer

Love of My Mind - Short Film, Composer

The Three - Feature Film, Sound Mixer

Caliban's - Short Film, Composer, Sound Designer

Fason Nou: Our Way - Feature Film, Composer

Iris - Feature Film, Sound Designer

Mammy Day - Short Film, Sound Designer

Control - Short Film, Composer

The Perfect Stroke - Short Film, Composer

Cosmic Abrasion - Short Film, Composer, Sound Designer

The Overlords - Feature Film, Sound Designer

Layover - Short Film, Composer, Sound Mixer

Through A Child's Eyes - Short Film, Sound Mixer

Amusing Afternoon - Short Film, Sound Mixer

Dust Jacket - Short Film, Sound Mixer

The Nameless Cryst - Feature Film, Sound Editor

The Passageway - Feature Film, Sound Editor, Boom Operator

My Intended - Short Film, Boom Operator



Insightly Onboarding - Corporate Web Advert, Sound Designer link

Greater Cleveland Habitat For Humanity - Corporate Video, Composer (Licensed music) 

B'Laster Pit Stops - Branded, Content, Composer link

Fund Our Economic Opportunity - Corporate Video, Composer (Licensed music) 

EE Wireless LTG Network - National Ad Campaign, 2nd Mixing Recordist link

Icebreaker's Kissing Moments - PreRoll Ad, Composer, Sound Designer

Skecher's Z-Strap - PreRoll Ad, Composer

Dorco Razors' Shaving is Art - PreRoll Ad, Composer, Sound Designer link

Made Right Here - Branded Content, Sound Mixer (A1)

NIKEiD Presents: Lebron Everyday Heroes - Social Media Campaign, Sound Mixer (A1)

SAP Knows Its Sports - Social Media Campaign, Sound Mixer (A1)

Skecher's Sandals - PreRoll Ad, Composer


A Haunting - Reality/Docu, Sound Mixer (A1)

Preach! - Reality/Docu, Sound Mixer (A1)

Deadly Devotion - Reality/Docu, Sound Mixer (A1)

Impractical Jokers Practically Live! Tour Special - Reality/Docu, Sound Mixer (A1)

Mr. Ed's - Reality/Docu (Sizzle Reel), Sound Mixer(A1)

The Voice - Reality/Docu, Production Assistant, Casting Season 8


Ohio University - Scripps College of Communication's School of Media Arts and Studies

Bachelor of Science in Communication (Audio Production)

Professional Organizations:





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